Trip is extended to January 6

We were scheduled to go home on New Years Day – tomorrow!! But Colleen doesn’t leave until the 5th and our friends who have this apartment are coming back later than originally planned, so we changed our flight back. Now we fly home Tuesday, January 6th. We tried to fly back on the same day as Colleen, but there were no business elite upgrades available – but there were for the next day. This gives … Continue reading Trip is extended to January 6

End of Year Posting

December 31 2003 – New Years Eve in Rome! It is just after 6pm and we have heard several bangs already (gunshots or fireworks!). Rebecca and Maureen spent the night here last night, so we all got together in the morning for coffee and panetone. Stephanie came over too. Rebecca left at 11, Stephanie too, so the remaining four of us walked in the rain exploring Campo dei Fiori, Via Giulia and then had coffee … Continue reading End of Year Posting

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Rome – Trastevere – Checco er Carettiere

Something strange is going on with SlowTalk these days and I cannot login to submit my restaurant review, so I will post it here and copy it over later. Checco er Carettiere, Via Benedetta, 10, just off Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere This restaurant is at the edge of Trastevere, just across the river from the Campo dei Fiori area. It was recommended by Dean (message board moderator), in Maureen Fant’s book “Trattorias in Rome, Florence … Continue reading RESTAURANT REVIEW: Rome – Trastevere – Checco er Carettiere

A Week in Rome

Today we have been here a week! I got a book yesterday about the main piazzas in Rome. From the book “Views of Rome Piazzas Across the Centuries” by Alberto Lombardo, 2002. Piazza di San Pietro: In front of St. Peters in Vatican City. Piazza di San Marco: Piazza del Campidoglio: In front of the Capitoline museum, designed by Michealangelo. Piazza della Rotunda: In front of the Pantheon. Piazza della Minerva: In front of Santa … Continue reading A Week in Rome

Cane Travel – This is recommended

The bad news: I hurt my back before this trip and it got worse on the trip (but is getting better now). The good news: I have learned about traveling with a cane (bastone in Italian). We left Santa Fe on Monday, December 15. The flight went well and I made sure to walk on the plane during the flight from Albuquerque to Atlanta. On the Atlanta to Rome flight I thought I would just … Continue reading Cane Travel – This is recommended

Rome Fashion Notes – How to Tie Your Winter Scarf

Some people say that I never notice fashion. And that is true. But this time I am noticing how Italians tie their winter scarves. From my week of observing, in Rome and Naples, I would say 50% of the population tie their scarf as follows. 1. Take one long rectangular scarf and fold in half so the length is half what it was to start. 2. Wrap this half scarf around your neck so both … Continue reading Rome Fashion Notes – How to Tie Your Winter Scarf