A Few Notes about Slow Talk

I am having several forums emailed to me each day and it is fun to read the posts, but frustrating to not be able to reply. It is just too expensive and too slow to go online here. We found a few internet cafes in town, but have not tried them yet – and probably won’t use them much. As long as I can do my email on the computer in the apartment, that is good enough.

A past member of the message board is posting on About.com about our message board saying how we are not the experts we claim to be (and he likes to refer to me with my full name so everyone will know who he is talking about – he has not included my phone number – yet). You know, we never claimed to be experts on Italy. In fact, Slow Travelers is about vacation rentals – it is not a general travel information oriented web site. On the site, I recommend my favorite guidebooks for real information on different countries.

Slow Travelers is about how to find and book vacation rentals, and that is the focus of the message board too. It is great to have other topics come up, and we can all discuss these things together, but if there is anything the moderators are “experts” on it is finding and booking vacation rentals. Each moderator was selected because this is how they travel. The moderators role is not to be the “expert” but to point people to the web site when questions are answered there and to generally help people find answers.

No we are not sophisticated world travelers – staying in vacation rentals is sometimes just one step up from camping. I have not been to that many countries. I haven’t even seen much of Italy. But I have stayed in many vacation rentals and I do know how to find and book vacation rentals and what you can expect from them. As I have said repeatedly, many of our regulars have way better travel information than we moderators do.

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