Dear Conde Nast Traveler, please cancel my subscription

And could you take back my September issue too?

I have never been a big fan of this magazine but I got a free subscription for some reason and the renewal is really cheap so I keep renewing it. No more! This September issue has given me so many reasons to cancel.

– The cover story “Adrien’s Excellent Adventures”, about a movie star and his travels (Adrien Brody) – am I supposed to be interested in his travel because he is a movie star? This is more fitting for People magazine.

– The column Great Drives, this month written by actress Catherine O’Hara, who I really like in movies, but she can’t write! A two day trip report of her and her sisters driving around the French coast near Mont-St-Michel. They go to a spa, ride gocarts, drive so much that the car breaks down, and skip Mont-St-Michel because they can’t find a parking spot. Who cares?

– The article “Trading Places – What if, instead of leaving at week’s end, you could make this Tuscan view – this life – your own?” which is an over written trip report of one week in a vacation rental in Tuscany. Here is a sample: “I no longer get lost in the house. Part of me likes knowing my way around so soon: It means I’ve gone native.” Huh? The only good thing about the article is that they booked with Martin’s Italian Vacation Villas They also mention the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” about to be released. Coincidence – or are the magazine and the movie studio owned by the same corporation?

– The pages of fashion ads – save it for Vogue guys! The ads in general – must be more than 50% of the magazine.

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