Home and happy to be here

We have been home for two days. The flight back went really well, but what a long and tiring flight it is. We were in Business Elite (Delta) the whole way (upgraded with points), but it was still horrible. It is the last leg from Atlanta to Albuquerque that really does me in. Maybe we should try spending the night in Atlanta, then flying home the next day.

I was quite perky the day after we got home – even managed to go out for lunch with friends – but I keep going back and forth between reality and zombieland. Only jetlag can do this to you. It is that combination of the changed sleep cycles and the lack of sleep. Today I spent most of the day reading that new P.D. James mystery that I got in Zurich. I am giving myself until Monday to get through this zombiephase.

The message board is slow – I think many people are traveling now. Looking forward to lots of trip reports. But now it is 9:30pm and it feels like the middle of the night.

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