I miss my high speed internet!!

High speed internet and my home computer – that’s what I miss. We are connected at 30,000 whatevers. Slow, slow, slow. The Earthlink number is NOT toll free, so I can hear our telephone chargers counter clicking as it turns over every few minutes that I am online. And I think my travel computer is screwed – some Windows error that happens whenever I go online. Steve is going to look at it tomorrow. I am on his computer now. This is not good, because I have a new web client and I have to get some work done this week.

But, we are in Gstaad and it is beautiful – as cold as late autumn, but beautiful! Our apartment is nicer than I imagined – and huge!

I will post more tomorrow. It is midnight and we still are not in bed. Jetlag will be with me for days – or is it just sleep lag because I no longer know when to sleep?

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Pauline Kenny

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