My Notes about Jetlag on This Trip

This was our best trip ever for not suffering as badly from jetlag and I think it is because we were able to sleep on the plane. Last year we had booked Albuquerque – Atlanta – Zurich, but a security incident cancelled our Albuquerque – Atlanta flight, so we ended up doing Albuquerque – Cincinatti – Paris – Zurich. It is best to spend your first two nights in the city in Europe where you first arrive; transferring planes in the early morning is exhausting. Since we flew direct from the east coast to Zurich this time, we were able to sleep and were not so exhausted on arrival (although I was pretty tired). We walked that first morning, but slept all afternoon. After that we did not sleep in the afternoon again, but only at night. On Friday, our first full day, we were tired from getting up in the morning (when the jetlag hits me the hardest), but kept going all day until bedtime. The only affects we felt for the next few days was that it was hard to make ourselves go to bed on time and we were tired when waking, but we will force ourselves to get up early and go out and ADJUST!!

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Pauline Kenny

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