Reading the International Herald Tribune

We have been getting the International Herald Tribune every day (3.80 CHF). I enjoy reading this paper. Here are some recent highlights.

Martin Amis has a new book out this month; his first novel since The Information (which was brilliant).

French author Bernard-Henri Levy has book out about Daniel Pearl (the American journalist murdered in Pakistan after 9/11) – “Who Killed Daniel Pearl?” The English translation is out this week. It is a novel, but based on real events and his research, in the tradition of Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood.” Levy is a non-practicing Jew and is “anti-anti-American”.

Recent article “On the road, Britons “drink and drink and drink”. An article about how young Brits are getting cheap weekend flights to Prague where they can drink all weekend cheaper than in London. A few quotes: “…then explained his vacation goals: “Get drunk, I suppose; have some drinks and have a good time.” “Drunk and aggressive, in drag or wearing only underpants, they spend weekends staggering in packs from bar to bar near Wenceslas Square.” Maybe I will postpone that trip to Prague for now.

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