Sunday, August 31 – Konstanz (Germany)

Overcast, cool, some rain

All the shops in Konstanz are closed on Sunday. Many close at 2pm on Saturday. When we were out yesterday, the downtown streets were crowded with shoppers. Some of the larger department stores stayed open until 6pm on Saturday.

We met Ursula and Lionel late morning to spend a few hours together before they had to drive home. We took the bus to a nearby famous gardens – Insel Mainau (“insel” means island).
Insel Mainau
These are large private gardens (owned by Swedish royalty) on an island in Bodensee. This is the mildest weather in Germany because of a special microclimate formed by hot springs under the island and the southern location. They grow palm trees and banana trees here – and beautiful huge trees and acres of flowers.

The bus was 1,60 Euro each (for a 10 minute ride) and the garden was expensive to enter (10 Euro each I think). We spent several hours walking around the island – went into the butterfly house, walked around the villa where the family that owns it still live, walked along one of the most beautiful “tree tunnels” I have ever seen. I like gardens, but really don’t know much about them, but I think if you are a gardener, this is probably a great place to visit.

Took the bus back to Konstanz and had a late afternoon lunch at an old seaside restaurant. Everyone except me had the local fish and thought it was excellent. The restaurant was Konzil Gaststatten. 70 Euro for the four of us (just water and lunch). Konzil Gaststatten

Ursula and Lionel left and we went back to the hotel for a little rest. Before dinner we walked along the lakeside away from the downtown area. Lots of people were out walking – many with very cute small dogs. We even saw a dog like David’s Hildy (dachshund).

For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant that Ursula recommended – The Rambagh Palace, Bruckengasse 1. It is upstairs above the bar we visited the night before. The food was excellent – we had a vegetarian set menu. And inexpensive! 43 Euro for two and we had beer.

The day had been cool – I wore my rain jacket – and it rained on and off, but we never got caught in the rain. One of the staff at the hotel said that last week they were watering the plants because of the drought and this week they were not watering them in case it froze at night!

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