Tuesday, September 30 – We fly home tomorrow

It is Tuesday afternoon. Steve’s cold is worse today, so we are letting him rest a bit before we set out again. I am going to post my blog up until Sunday, but probably won’t post the last bit until we are home. It has been a wonderful trip. It seems to have gone by quickly, but when I think about it, it does seem a long time ago that we were in Switzerland.

I think many people have been reading this blog – which feels pretty strange, because I write like I have written my trip journals on every trip for the last 10 years and no one read those. I have been writing for myself assuming no one was reading it – thinking that I just want to get it posted so that turning it into an official trip report will be easier.

Things seem to be a bit strange on the message board these days. We have been through a series of incidents in the last two months where different people are trying to stir things up, or go after me personally, or after the moderators. It has crossed my mind to shut down the message board for a day or two, so we can all take a deep breath and realize that this is just a little message board about a certain way of travel that may suit some, and may not suit everyone. With all the things that go on in the world, our little message board is really very trivial. Fun, but ultimately trivial. That whole “Queen Pauline” thing is meant to be a joke – I am hardly an authority on travel, or Italy, or art – I have never said that I am.

I am sitting here now in our hotel room with the doors to the balcony open. A breeze and traffic noise is coming in. It is sunny and warm. Steve is starting to recover from this cold and is asleep on the bed. We had a lovely lunch at a Chinese restaurant. When we get home, I want to eat brown rice and vegetable stew for a week straight (to recover from all these processed grains). I think I will take a bath and wash my hair so I can look partially acceptable for tonight’s GTG. Then we will head out to Piazza del Popolo, sit in a caffe for the last time on this trip, find the Lion Bookstore (just what I need – more books!!), then meet everyone for our GTG dinner. I am starting to tear up as I type this. I want to go home, I want to stay here.

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