Tuesday, September 9 – a day off in Saanen

Overcast, raining all day

Woke up to grey skies, clouds over the mountain tops and rain. So we took the day off. Steve read and I worked. I got to put in several good hours on the new web site I am doing. The electricity went out for an hour in the afternoon (but I worked on battery). This happens to us all the time in Italy, but has never happened in Switzerland. We called the agency and Yvonne was going to come over, but was busy for the next hour. We found a switch box, but it was those old kind of fuses (the glass ones) and we were not sure what to do. Then the electricity came back on. Turned out it was off for the whole building and there had been a notice posted on the front door (but we had not seen it because we came in through the garage yesterday). We called Yvonne and told her she did not need to come.

We did leave the apartment – and I drove for the first time this trip! The car drives really well and driving here is very easy (roads are not crowded, drivers are not aggressive – so I cope well). I drove into Gstaad and we got the paper, a few groceries and then went to our now favorite café (Café Charly at the Saanen end of the promenade in Gstaad) for coffee and cake. We got the last table – the place was packed. A crowded Swiss café on a cold, rainy day is quite a scene – families, couples, old people, young people, smokers, non-smokers – everyone having coffee, tea, hot chocolate and lovely cakes.

I forgot to mention in my apartment review that we have secure parking in an underground garage shared by all the apartments. They even gave us a key to the mail box so we could get our mail (we are only here for two weeks!) and put our name (well, my name, not Steve’s) on the mailbox, the doorbell by the front door of the building and on the buzzer by our apartment door! This was very helpful for finding our way back the second day.

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