Instructions for Visitors

Last night I went into the laundry room of our vacation rental complex and found a man leaning over the dryer and reading the instructions on the wall. I asked if he has finished with the washer. He told me that he was, but that he could not figure out how to work the dryer and the instructions made no sense at all. From his accent, I would guess he is Dutch. He was very … Continue reading Instructions for Visitors

Rain, sunshine, rain … Mud

For the first two weeks we had summer weather. Hot and sunny. A bit too hot, considering I had packed all fall weather clothes. The third week was colder and weter. We had days with rain and sunshine and some overcast days. On most of our walks we had some rain. Today we woke up to overcast, then rain, then no rain, then rain, then sunshine, then overcast. We went for a woodland walk that … Continue reading Rain, sunshine, rain … Mud

Having a wonderful time!

It will be three weeks on Monday since we left and I have not posted a single blog entry! I have been taking notes and writing up pages for the website (new England content!), but have not had a good place to work on the computer until now. We spent our first week in Bath and LOVED it! The apartment was great – just behind the Royal Crescent in an historic building – and there … Continue reading Having a wonderful time!