Prettiest Cottage in the Cotswolds

This cottage was across the lane from where we stayed. It is on a quiet road that goes from Winchcombe out to a few smaller towns. The Gloucester Way Trail goes right by it and it is beside big open fields and woods. I loved the overgrown garden and the big apple tree. One day we say someone working in the garden and she left a box of apples outside the gate with a “help … Continue reading Prettiest Cottage in the Cotswolds

Home Again!

We are back home after a wonderful trip to England and France! As much as I loved the trip, I was overjoyed to be back home. We were away for seven weeks and it felt a bit too long. I think five weeks is perfect for us these days. We used to be able to do seven to ten week trips, but now it is harder to be away that long. Partly because of work, … Continue reading Home Again!

A Month in the Cotswolds

I think perhaps that spending a month in the Cotswolds and thinking you understand what life in England is like, is similar to spending a month in Beverly Hills and thinking you understand what life in the US is like.

Today we got mugged on the trails!

Our last day in England and we wanted to get in a last walk, but the weather is bad today. We had breakfast at our favorite Winchcombe Tea Room – The Old Tea House – a perfect place on a blustery day. It is a cosy tea room with only 9 tables in a very old building on the High Street. The ceilings are beamed and low. The room is beautifully decorated with cute tea … Continue reading Today we got mugged on the trails!