Rome Tourist Notes

Pickup the small TV-Guide size magazine “Roma Ce” at any newstand (1 Euro) for a list of the weekly events (in Italian) – cinema, music, theater, local events.

The magazine “Rome Where” is available in most hotels, but we only saw it in the Lion Bookshop (because we were not staying in a hotel). It is free and has current events listed.

Tourist offices are located in round green “booths” at most major sites. Pickup the excellent brochures – they have “art trails” for Michelangelo, Bernini, Raphael, Caravaggio, and Borromini in English. Also brochures about piazzas, fountains, monuments, gardens, palaces, and churches. Don’t expect the people who work there to help you – they barely took a break in their conversation with each other to point at the brochures (located in an awkward corner behind the door) and tell me to take them (and were pretty put out when I asked for them to hand me one that I could not reach).

Roma Tour, a spiral bound map of Rome available at newsstands, is the best map.

I found a brochure on Taxis at the Borghese Museum – explains how all the charges work. I am going to make a page about Rome taxis.

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