Does the Tartufo Bianco wear no clothes?

As in “the emporer is wearing no clothes”?

We just had lunch out at Da Fortunato – an excellent restaurant near the Pantheon (recommended by Martin of and we have eaten there before) – and I spent 35 Euro (what is that now, $200?) on pasta with white truffles – and they really had no taste! I have had black truffles on pasta before (this is what I end up eating every meal out in Umbria) and know that taste. I thought the white truffle was supposed to be even more strong of a taste.

The noodles were with butter and then they grated the white truffle onto the pasta – they did this in front of us.

Also, it isn’t white – but light brown!

Here is the photo showing the fresh truffle being grated on the pasta.

For dessert, we had “Gelato affogato al caffe” (gelato drowned in coffee – you can also get it drowned in whiskey).

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