We leave Rome in the morning

It is Monday night and we are packing up to leave. Thanks to everyone who came to visit us – Maureen, Rebecca, Carmel, Tony – and Stephanie and Cesare who spent many days and evenings with us. The trouble with having friends in another country is that it makes you sad to leave.

Colleen went home this morning. We had a great time traveling with her – we have the same travel “attitude” and like to do the same kinds of things, so it worked well the three of us doing things together.

There were other people that I wanted to try getting together with while we were here, but I was really slowed down by this back thing and we were pretty busy all the time because there is just so much to see and do in Rome. Now we need a vacation from our vacation (good thing we are spending February in Hawaii).

BUT, I am happy to be heading home. I am always happy to be leaving for a trip and always happy at the end to be heading home – to the cats and my kitchen and my office and all the home things you miss when away (and straight to my chiropractor!!). And, now that this trip is over, I can really start planning our possible two months in England in August – October!!

Bye from Rome!!

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Pauline Kenny

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