Weather, weather, weather

Am I in Rome or has my life reverted and I am living in Vancouver again? We arrived on December 16 and had about five wonderful days of cold and sun. Unfortunately that was when my back was at its worst and we did not get out that much. Then in turned really cold and windy!! The wind was so strong that, in the night, it blew open many of the windows in this huge apartment we are in and we had to run around at 2am closing windows. The apartment was freezing. It stayed cold and windy for several days.

Then it warmed up and started to rain. I think it was nice on Christmas, the day Colleen arrived, but since then it has rained most days. Usually a grey drizzle, like I remember from our years in Vancouver. Overcast days where you always feel sleepy – noon feels like dusk. Sometimes heavy rain.

New Year’s day was lovely – not so cold and sunny!! I thought I should take back what I blogged about this not being a good time of year in Rome. But today, rain.

Colleen went to Florence for the day. She got to the train station at 9am and all the trains to Florence were sold out until 1pm!! We figured she did not need to reserve ahead because the Eurostar runs every hour, even every half hour in the morning.

We set out to finally walk the seven hills, but then the rain started and we went for lunch instead. We could have done the walk, but it would not have been fun. Instead we are in the apartment (which really is beautiful) and having an afternoon off.

My back is much better, but I am reluctant to give up the cane. I love this cane! People keep their distance and do not crowd you. They open doors for me and step aside. At crosswalks, I stand there with the cane and glare at the cars and they stop!! They I make sure to limp a little, so they know it was justified. I used it once to push away a very agressive flower seller. I use it to point at things. I use it to tap Steve on the shoulder or in the butt. When I get tired out from all the walking (at that horrible shopper’s shuffle pace because nearly every street and piazza are packed with people) I use it to help me walk or to lean against while standing. I use it to help me get up after sitting through a long meal.

Can you take a cane on the airplane with you? We will find out on Tuesday.

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