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Last night I went into the laundry room of our vacation rental complex and found a man leaning over the dryer and reading the instructions on the wall. I asked if he has finished with the washer. He told me that he was, but that he could not figure out how to work the dryer and the instructions made no sense at all. From his accent, I would guess he is Dutch. He was very frustrated and almost shouting.

The washer and dryer here are American Maytags. I don’t know why – maybe these are common in England – I have never run into them here before. But, I know how they work. I walked over, turned the timing dial to 60 minutes and pressed the start button. The dryer started.

Welcome to my world buddy. I can’t count how many times I have been standing and staring in a laundry room, not knowing what to do, when a local person came up, pressed a few buttons and everything started working.

To be a good citizen, I explained it to him. He was astonished that you actually turned the dial to the number of minutes!

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Pauline Kenny

Pauline Kenny and Steve Cohen are US expats living in Dorset. We moved to the UK in 2010. Read about our move. If you would like to talk about travel, please join us on the Slow Europe Travel Forums.

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  1. Pauline, US washers and dryers are not common here. When I lived in the UK the first time I only had a washer but this time I have a combination washer/dryer. The dryer is not as good as a US version (nowhere to vent the hot air) but it is certainly better than hanging wet clothes all over the place.

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