Rain, sunshine, rain … Mud

For the first two weeks we had summer weather. Hot and sunny. A bit too hot, considering I had packed all fall weather clothes. The third week was colder and weter. We had days with rain and sunshine and some overcast days. On most of our walks we had some rain.

Today we woke up to overcast, then rain, then no rain, then rain, then sunshine, then overcast. We went for a woodland walk that was very muddy (Guiting Power, a town and woodland just a few miles from Winchcombe).


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Pauline Kenny

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2 thoughts on “Rain, sunshine, rain … Mud”

  1. That looks squishy. Muddy walks can sometimes be fun but I always get so dirty. Is there any fall color on the trees yet? I don’t even know if there is much fall color in Britain.

  2. Look at those muddy boots and those CLEAN pants! That would never happen with me … After a recent hike in the Santa Cruz mountains on a hot and dry day I came home with dirt all over me!

    Hey – sounds like you’re having a good time. Hope you get some more dry days soon. C.

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