Buddy joins our household

We have been without cats since Spike went missing at the end of July. Nearly five months. A friend called saying her mother was dying and her cat needed a home – did we want a cat? I hesitated, then told her we would take the cat for a month, so she would not have to deal with looking for a new home for the cat.

He arrived on Tuesday (December 20). He was exhausted from what he had been through (his owner had been ill for awhile) and slept nervously for one day, then soundly for the next day. Now he is settling in. He wants to go outside, but we won’t let him for a week or two – in case he tries to find his way “home”. I had to go out and buy all the necessary cat things, because I had given everything away after we realized Spike was not coming home (it was heartbreaking to see his things – and we were not going to get another cat).

It is wonderful having a cat in the house again!! The Slow Travel Community Bloggers have decided he looks like the Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

Buddy, our new cat


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