From now on, we only watch musicals

I have been TIVOing a lot of movies lately. We watched “Little Shop of Horrors”, the Rick Moranis comedy/musical version, not the Roger Corman horror version, and loved it. Things seem so crazy in the world now and have seem like this for a few years. Steve said “From now on, lets only watch musicals”.

Now my TIVO queue has “Guys and Dolls”, “Damn Yankees”, “Bye Bye Birdie”, “West Side Story”, and “Cabaret” (which Steve says is not a musical, but a movie about singing – and I say “okay dear”).

A whole new genre for us.

I turn 50 in a few weeks. 50. At 40 I promised myself that at 50 I would pick 100 books and read only them for the rest of my life. I then negotiated in a few magazine subscriptions. Now that the Internet has become a part of my life, I will have to negotiate in blogs and message boards.

I think when I turn 60, I will pick 100 books and read only them for the rest of my life. Meanwhile, my 50s will be devoted to musicals.

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