We are having a lovely time!!

We are having a lovely time in England, but just can’t find the time to post. I am keeping a rough journal on the computer, plus notes in a notebook I carry around. And lots of photos (although last weekend when I was fiddling with my camera with Richard, I set it to low resolution photos, so have a weeks worth of photos that will be okay resolution, but not great).

I am going crazy using this dialup connection and sitting on the most uncomfortable chair at a little tiny desk – other than that our cottage in the Cotswolds is lovely.

The weather was perfect in Bath and for the week in Wiltshire, but not as good for our first week in the Cotswolds. Overcast and cool for much of the week, which was fine, but then rain all day long on Friday and again today. Luckily, both days we were visiting with friends. Visited Jonathan and Philippa on Friday at their house in Stroud (they made us a lovely lunch) and today went to see Felicity’s cottage near Chipping Campden (the cottage was FABULOUS – www.sansomecottage.co.uk – we hope to rent it this fall – I will post a review soon).

I think we have cooked at home every night on this trip, except for the first few nights in Bath, but we have had some lovely pub lunches and tea room lunches. The Cotswolds remains our favorite part of England. We have done several walks and hope to do more this week. Funny to think of us here with polartec vests and jackets when at home in Santa Fe it is sunny and in the high 70s.

We have just over a week left. Last week we had almost talked ourselves into staying longer, but then realized we have things to do at home, so are going home as scheduled. But it was so tempting to think of staying longer – the Hay Festival starts the weekend we leave, Van Morrison is performing in July at the Westonbirt Arboretum, etc.

I miss our new cat Buddy. I miss my office chair and high speed connection. I miss reading the message board in detail. But, I love these beautiful villages and the scenery and the walks.

Last night we had one of those magical experiences. It was overcast all day, but in the early evening the sun came out! It was still light at 8pm and we went for a walk through our village (Windrush). We passed a field of sheep. The field did not have a wall, but the sidewalk and street were about five feet lower than the field, so the field was just at eye level. We walked by it and saw sheep in the distance. We walked to the end of the street and when turned around to walk back, we saw the sheep all moving to the edge of the field and looking at us. They were above us and all looking at us. Some stood up on the wall to get closer. Some were recently shorn and looked more like goats than sheep.

We all stood and watched each other for about 10 minutes, then we all left.


We walked by again tonight, but the field was empty. It was almost magical last night the way they appeared. We will keep going back to see if we ever see them again.

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2 thoughts on “We are having a lovely time!!”

  1. Pauline,
    Your writing is so casual and readable–makes me want to be right there with you. I love the sheep picture and your magical moment. It is a forever memory. And–maybe it’s best to have an uncomfortable chair and a slow connection!! Ciao Jane

  2. Hi Pauline!
    Love the sheep story and the adorable photo. What is it about sheep that makes them look so darn *cute*??

    Welcome home – it’s good to have you back online with a high speed connection! 🙂

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