We leave in four days!!

We are into the final days of panic before our trip to England. It is Thursday; we leave Monday morning. I packed our hiking things two weeks ago. I ordered new jeans for both of us, new shirts for Steve, new underwear! We are going in style.

I have printed out all kinds of things from the web and made a binder to put everything in. Usually I have a file folder, and last time tried a set of colored folders that you can tie shut – but that all just gets messy, so I am trying the binder this time.

I have spent the last two weeks getting work finished for my few remaining web design clients (I am shutting all that down), writing my May 2005 England trip report (which is great because it makes me remember what a great time we had), getting travel notes posted on SlowTrav (still more to do), avoiding posting vacation rental reviews (will either get to that or have Kim or Chris do it for me), organizing a small remodel to be done while we are gone (new sink, counters, dishwasher in the kitchen, secure storage area built in the garage).

We spent a day research GPS systems and ended up renting one from AutoEurope for the trip. It arrived yesterday (Garmin).

We even did major garage cleaning – got rid of a 4 Runner load of old computer things (special day at the dump for this – we had 10 year old broken computers in the garage!) and another load of things we don’t need. We needed to do this to convince ourselves that it might be possible to get ourselves organized enough to do a year in England starting this fall.

So here I am, in full blown panic mode (interspersed with weird periods of calm) as I am before every trip. Today – finish my 2005 trip report (I am almost done, just on that last sad week in Devon when our cat Butch died at home), send out a marketing mailing for the Slow Travel Classifieds, post some travel notes, get a haircut, wash all the screens and put them on the windows.

But Monday night we will be on the plane to England and then I just forget about everything.

Click here to see our full itinerary.

Click here to read my almost done England 2005 Trip Report.

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Pauline Kenny

Pauline Kenny and Steve Cohen are US expats living in Dorset. We moved to the UK in 2010. Read about our move. If you would like to talk about travel, please join us on the Slow Europe Travel Forums.

2 thoughts on “We leave in four days!!”

  1. Hi Pauline!
    Didn’t your US GPS unit have an option for the UK? Just being nosy … 😀

    I’m sure you’re beyond organized by now – Bon Voyage to you and Steve!

    (See? I told you I’d read your blog!)

  2. We have a two year old TomTom GPS that we bought to use in Europe, but it also works in the US. The problem was with navigating to a town in England when you don’t have the address – you can only tell it to go somewhere if you have an address!! For example, if you are going to the village of Windrush, you type in Windrush, but then you have to type in street. It gives you a list of streets, but it is some strange list for the whole area, not just for Windrush. You might end up guessing and selecting a street that is not in Windrush. This drove me crazy.

    So, while the TomTom worked in the UK, I was not happy with how we had to use it.

    So we rented a Garmin from AutoEurope so we could try that one out. TomTom has a new model coming out in June and that is the one we would get if we keep with them. The Garmin we rented is not the latest model, but will be a good one to try (StreetPilot). It seems like with Garmin you can bring up a map and click on a village to navigate there. And from what we read, the new TomTom will have this feature too.

    TomTom is very popular in England – which was why we bought that one.

    Thanks for reading the blog!! 🙂

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