Looking for flights to Europe

It is that time of year again, when I start to think about flying to Europe. Maybe a spring trip? Definitely a summer trip. I waste hours and hours sitting at the computer, looking at flights and prices, but I don’t book anything because we have not made up our minds about when to travel. The most I do is print out possibilities and put them in a file. We have enough frequent flyer miles … Continue reading Looking for flights to Europe

Switzerland in July!

Going to Switzerland in the summer is one of our favorite trips, but we have not been since summer 2003 when we spent two weeks in Gstaad. In 2004, we went to England and France and skipped Switzerland. In 2005 and 2006, we went to England in the spring and did not do a summer/fall trip. How could we have ignored Switzerland for these past three years? Well, we are about to correct that error! … Continue reading Switzerland in July!

New York City at Christmas

I like traveling during the Christmas holidays. We don’t celebrate Christmas and have no family obligations, but for me it is a festive time of year and I like to do something fun. We alternate Christmas in Santa Fe (which is delightful – the Canyon Road Christmas Eve walk, snow, cosy winter evenings in front of the fire) with a Christmas trip. The sensible part of me says “don’t do it”: everyone is traveling, flights … Continue reading New York City at Christmas

I Thought I Would Never Get Out of West Texas

In our years of travel we have not escaped the inevitable flight delays and missed connections. One time we had to overnight in Cincinnati on the way to New York, because of winter weather, and I vaguely remember one or two overnights in Salt Lake City, but we have never been delayed by more than a day on any flight, until our Christmas 2006 vacation where we were stranded in Dallas because of a winter … Continue reading I Thought I Would Never Get Out of West Texas