Moo Mini Cards – cute, cute, cute!!

Moo Mini Cards – these are so cute! Recently, SlowTrav was mentioned in Skirt Magazine, in a fun article called “7 Deadly Sins”. We were sin #2 – Take the lazy way. This is a womens’ magazine available in the Southeast. Kaydee posted about it in this thread on the message board. Kaydee listed the other sins and #4 was “Take pride in your pictures”. Kaydee’s note: interesting … something you can do through flickr … Continue reading Moo Mini Cards – cute, cute, cute!!

What does Slow Travel mean?

Slow Travel is a way of slowing down your vacation by staying in vacation rentals, spending one week in a place and seeing what is near you. This gives you the time in one place to experience it in more depth. I started using the term “slow travel” in 2000, when I created the website. It took me 16 pages on the website to explain my ideas about the subject (What is Slow Travel?). … Continue reading What does Slow Travel mean?