From the People's Republic of Boulder

It has not been 24 hours yet, so who knows – but so far we are in love! What a town! Twenty years ago we crossed Boulder off our “places to live” list for reasons that seem stupid today. Too close to a large city, too harsh of a winter. Today we walked along the Boulder River, walked down the Pearl Street Pedestrian area, walked around the Mapleton neighborhood, then did a short hike to … Continue reading From the People's Republic of Boulder

Traveling with a BlackBerry

This is the gadget that could get me to leave my computer at home someday. Not yet, but maybe someday. I finally bought a BlackBerry (and have been driving everyone crazy by emailing them from it). I did a ton of research online and when we were in NYC at Christmas, Stella gave me a demonstration of her BlackBerry. I bought the BlackBerry 8700 from T-Mobile. There is a new BlackBerry 8800, but T-Mobile does … Continue reading Traveling with a BlackBerry