Don’t hike downhill for two hours when …

Don’t hike downhill for two hours when … you are the kind of shape that I am in. Our first day in Leysin we did an easy walk around town. It is about 15 minutes from our chalet to the center of town. The second day we did a lovely hike where we drove to the southern edge of town (above Feyday), parked and walked to the Prafandaz view point, then walked down the ridge … Continue reading Don’t hike downhill for two hours when …

Here we are in Switzerland!

Today is day four – my official start of the trip. Arrival day does not count. The next day is jetlag-hell. By day three we are functional and usually heading to the real destination. So day four starts the trip. It seems the more I travel to Europe and the older I get, the worse the jetlag is. Our flights went well, but we were tired by the time we got to Geneva. Our luggage … Continue reading Here we are in Switzerland!

Weather – Europe Summer 2007 Trip

In this entry I am going to track the weather we have on this trip. It is linked to from the sidebar. Trip Weather Summary It was sunny and nice the first few days in Geneva (June 25 – 26) and Leysin (June 27 – 30). We had a lot of rain or overcast days with drizzle from July 1 – 11 in Leysin, but everything changed for our last two days there. It was … Continue reading Weather – Europe Summer 2007 Trip

Leaving in four days

My pre-trip panic has been mild this time, but I can feel it starting to kick into high gear. I gave myself a lot of time to get ready. I have not packed yet – will start this evening – but I have organized all our electronic gear. I seem to spend more time organizing computers, GPS, cameras, noise canceling headphones, etc. than clothes (this says a lot about me). I have our hiking gear … Continue reading Leaving in four days

I am in the Travel Panic Zone

Length of trip divided by two is the time before a trip when I start to panic. This trip is 48 days long (almost seven weeks). Half of that is 24. That sets my “start to panic” date as June 1. That is about when I started to panic. I paniced for several days, ordered new clothes for the trip (this is part of my panic) and now I am in that calm part of … Continue reading I am in the Travel Panic Zone