We are Home!!!

After two long days of travel last Thursday and Friday, we got home to Santa Fe on Friday evening. We are getting caught up on work, caught up on some things around that house that need fixing (we got some type of power surge during a thunder storm and it knocked out our phones, DSL and some electricity in the house), adjusting to the time change, and adjusting to the higher altitude. Most towns in … Continue reading We are Home!!!

Going Home!!!

We are sticking to the original plan. Leaving Switzerland tomorrow evening, overnight near Gatwick, home on Friday. I thought the cottage we had originally booked was available for the next two weeks (except for a few days when we would move to one of their other cottages), but some last minute bookings had been made. I figured no one would be booking in the Cotswolds after all that flooding – but I was wrong. Rural … Continue reading Going Home!!!

Going Home???

Gstaad - Horneggli Chairlift

We are scheduled to fly from Geneva to Gatwick on Thursday evening, spend the night, fly home on Friday. Today I thought to myself – why are we going home? I checked the Stroud newspaper (in the Cotswolds) and it looks like all is back to normal. Everyone has water and it is now drinkable (just announced today). We are thinking we might spend a week or two in England. We could fly to England … Continue reading Going Home???

Walking from Horneggli to Rinderberg (again)

Gstaad - Horneggli Hike

Today we did the same hike we did four weeks ago, when we were staying in Leysin – Walking from Horneggli to Rinderberg. It was almost the same – a sunny, warm Sunday with lots of people on the trail. This time I did not have the video camera and only took a few snapshots – so the hike went much faster. An easy two hours and a bit, with a stop for lunch at … Continue reading Walking from Horneggli to Rinderberg (again)

Wispile to Gsteig on another Fine Day

Gstaad - Wispile Hike

Everything seems to speed up at the end of a trip. At the beginning, when I emerge from jetlag and start to feel human, the whole trip stretches out in front of me. I write my journal, I write in the blog, I organize the day’s photos. I can keep this up for a few weeks. Then things speed up, the photos are not so organized and I start to write in point form. Another … Continue reading Wispile to Gsteig on another Fine Day

Alpine Lake, Walking in the Rain, Driving in the Mountains

Gstaad - Sanetsch Hike

On Wednesday we did a very easy hike. After lunch, we drove up to Gsteig (15 minute drive), then drove another 5 minutes to the Sanetsch gondola. We had not been on this mountain ride before. The gondola holds eight people and takes ten minutes to go to the top. As with most gondolas, as one goes up, the other goes down. They pass in the middle. We were the only ones on the gondola. … Continue reading Alpine Lake, Walking in the Rain, Driving in the Mountains