Moo Mini Cards – cute, cute, cute!!

Moo Mini Cards – these are so cute!

Recently, SlowTrav was mentioned in Skirt Magazine, in a fun article called “7 Deadly Sins”. We were sin #2 – Take the lazy way. This is a womens’ magazine available in the Southeast. Kaydee posted about it in this thread on the message board.

Kaydee listed the other sins and #4 was “Take pride in your pictures”. Kaydee’s note: interesting … something you can do through flickr to get 100 little personal cards.

I like cards, I like photos, I like little – sounded perfect! So I created an account on Flickr (been meaning to do this for ages) and uploaded a bunch of photos of my house and my cat.

Moo Mini Cards

This photo shows the Moo cards, with a Slow Travel card and another business card to show the size. You see the nice box and the cute cover.

Flickr is easy to use. Upload photos one by one from your computer to their server, or download and install a piece of software that lets you upload in batches. It is free, but you can pay a small amount to allow more photos to be stored. Group your photos in sets, give them titles and descriptions. You can also order prints. There is an option to get an easy to remember URL with your user name. Mine is:

I am still learning how to use Flickr, but it seems like a good way of making your photos available to your friends. Don’t forget to also upload your travel photos to Slow Photos.

Once you have your photos on Flickr, go to Moo and select the photos you want to use for Mini Cards. Only a narrow slice of your photo is used on the Mini Card, so pick ones that have a good horizontal image. Moo is easy to use and lets you edit each photo. You can have 100 unique photos, or get copies of some. For example, if you select 20 photos, you will get 5 copies of each.

You even get to design the back of the card. I put my name and address and my Flickr profile photo. If you plan to give these out as “business cards” when traveling, you could put your travel photos on the front and your contact information on the back. Don’t forget to list the website (because you will want to tell everyone you meet to join us on the message board!).

It took me about 30 minutes to do the whole thing (upload my photos to Flickr, then configure them in Moo). Another click and I purchased them. The price for 100 Mini Cards is $19.99 or £9.99 or €14.99. My order was $24.98 including shipping.

They arrived about 10 days later in the mail. The cards are small, smaller than a business card, but the quality is good. The card stock is thick and the colors are good. They come in a hard plastic carrying case. One interesting thing – they were mailed from England!

Moo is very cute, maybe too cute, but I liked it. The website is cute. The emails from them are cute – “Hello Pauline. I’m Little MOO – the bit of software that will be managing your order with us.” The order comes with a card that says “Yay! You’re our new best friend”. The cards are cute – way cute. Cute, cute, cute.

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  1. Ohmigosh! These are sooo cute! 😀

    I guess I have to do the Flikr thing and get some for myself. It would be fun to have some with my altered art images. Thanks for the idea, Pauine!

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