Dogs Everywhere in Switzerland

Dogs are everywhere – on the streets and trails going for walk with their owner, in the yards, sitting beside their owner in restaurants. Big dogs like Sennenhunds or Great Danes; little dogs too. But we have never seen dog shit on the sidewalks.

Yesterday, walking in the rain in Villars, a group of three male young teens were ahead of us on the sidewalk. They were bouncing around, talking nonstop, carrying junk food. One of them took an empty pop can, threw it to the ground, stomped on it so it stayed on his foot, then walked with it like that to make maximum noise. I turned to Steve and said “teenagers are the same worldwide, it doesn’t matter which country you are in”. Then the can fell off his shoe and he kicked it forward and picked it up. A few feet down the road he saw a garbage can and deposited it. Okay, maybe teens are tidier here.


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Pauline Kenny

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2 thoughts on “Dogs Everywhere in Switzerland”

  1. We saw lots of dogs in ZA too, they were even on the beach! Most responsible people, do pick up after their dogs, such a good idea! Yes,teenagers are teenagers everywhere, I love meeting and talking with the ones that are traveling on their own they have so much energy, enthusiasm and are exited about everything they are doing!

  2. Great photo!! And funny story about the teenage boys and the soda can. Some things never change …

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