Going Home???

We are scheduled to fly from Geneva to Gatwick on Thursday evening, spend the night, fly home on Friday. Today I thought to myself – why are we going home? I checked the Stroud newspaper (in the Cotswolds) and it looks like all is back to normal. Everyone has water and it is now drinkable (just announced today).

We are thinking we might spend a week or two in England. We could fly to England on Thursday, but change our return flight from England so that we could have a week or two in the (now dry) Cotswolds!! I checked the weather and the next two weeks look good in the Cotswolds – temperatures in the high 60s, low 70s, rain on two days. The Switzerland forcast calls for more rain.

We’re going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow morning.

Today it was wet so we did a low level walk around Shoenreid. We got a good view of the dreaded Horneggli chairlift.

Gstaad - Horneggli Chairlift
Gstaad – Horneggli Chairlift

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