Leysin to Lac du Mayen

A quick post to say that we woke up to brilliant sunshine, then walked out to get fresh croissants and bread for breakfast and by the time we got back to the house (30 minutes later), it was overcast and cold. Once we got inside it started to pour and poured all morning. Fine, we were tired anyway from our big day out yesterday.

By 1:30pm, it started to clear. We got ready for a hike and drove across town to a hiking area just above Feyday (where we went for our first hike in this area). This time we walked up across the hillside above Leysin to Lac du Mayen. It was 1hr 30 minutes up and just under an hour coming back. The trail was along a narrow paved road, only used by the local farms. One or two cars passed us.

The first 30 minutes of the trail is quite steep, in another 30 minutes of an easier uphill you reach Le Temeley, a cheese making farm with a small restaurant. After that it is a very easy uphill for another 30 minutes to Lac du Mayen. The views are very good. It was overcast but we did not get rained on much on the way up. The cool weather is perfect for walking. It felt great to do this nice uphill climb.

Lac du Mayen is a small alpine lake under rocky moutaintops. It is at 1842 meters and sits above Les Fers, where we hiked to last week (1677 meters). Since we drove to the top of Leysin at 1474 meters, it was not that much of a climb (under 400 meters). Lac du Mayen is just below the top of the Telecabine ride from Leysin, to La Berneuse (2048 meters) with a revolving restaurant (the brochure says “the only revolving restaurant in the French speaking part of Switzerland!” – trying to keep up with those German-Swiss!). We have not done this ride yet because I was not sure what the hike down would be like, but now I see it would be good and we will do it this week.

And, of course, beside the small Lac du Mayen, is a restaurant! By the time we reached it, it was 4:00pm and pouring rain. The large outdoor terrase was empty but the restaurant signs were out, so we went in. The inside seating was only two tables (there were hikers at the other table – they were on their way down from La Berneuse) in a small cozy room. The owner was happy to see us and we had coffee and a wonderful fresh raspberry tart. While we were eating, just like when we were at Les Fers for lunch the other day, the weather changed from drizzle to heavy downpour. By the time we left it was back to drizzle. I love sitting in these mountain restaurants in the bad weather, all cozy and warm, enjoying the rest and the food.

It took less than an hour to walk back down and it was only pretty steep for the last 20 minutes. We did encounter cows on the road, but it went well.

I am starting to really love hiking in the rain and will probably be disappointed if the sun comes out again (as it is supposed to next Wednesday). The forecast says the weather is really going to change to summer weather on Saturday, the day we leave to go into Italy.

No photos because they are still in the camera and it is time to veg out and watch Battlestar Galactica. I downloaded season three to my iPod (you could only get it from iTunes – it is not out on DVD) and I bought a cable that goes from your iPod to the TV (with a SKART adapter for European TV sets). It really works! You have to set your iPod to output to TV (took me a few minutes to find where this was set), but then everything works and we can watch Battlestar on the nice big flat screen TV instead of our computers.

This apartment is very well equipped and is very comfortable: Flat screen TV with SKY satellite, wireless broadband, shared washer and dryer (there are 3 apartments), dishwasher, very good gas stove, small balcony, very nice furniture, good entrance way for storing soaking wet rain jackets and muddy boots.

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  1. wow, I didn’t know you could hook an ipod up to a TV. This may actually put me over the edge to buy one! Sounds like you have all the comforts of home there! see ya soon 😉

  2. Marta, I said the same thing. I think she should change it as she travels – to give us a flavor of her current destination.

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