Switzerland – Sample Prices

According to our currency converter, SFr 1.00 (Swiss Franc) is $0.82 USD. Swiss France is written as SFr or CHF.

VAT (sales tax) is included in all prices, but if you look at the receipt, it shows how much VAT was paid (7.6%). The price in Euro is sometimes displayed on the receipt.

Newspaper – International Herald Tribune: SFr 3.80
Coffee: between SFr 3.00 – 4.00

Lunch at a mountain restaurant
Restaurant des Fers, Leysin
Croute (melted cheese sandwich) with egg – 18.00
Omelette and fries – 18.00
Coffee – 2 x 3.20
Bottled water – 2 x 4.00
Total: SFr 50.40

At a Tea Room
La Farandole, Leysin
Coffee – 3.20
Cake – 3.20

Lunch at a restaurant in town
La Lorraine, Leysin
Pizza – 18.00
Pasta – 20.00
1dl wine – 3.20 (a very small glass)
Mineral Water – 3.80
Coffee – 2 x 3.00
Total: SFr 51.00

I will add more example prices to this post.

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