Weather – Europe Summer 2007 Trip

In this entry I am going to track the weather we have on this trip. It is linked to from the sidebar.

Trip Weather Summary

It was sunny and nice the first few days in Geneva (June 25 – 26) and Leysin (June 27 – 30).

We had a lot of rain or overcast days with drizzle from July 1 – 11 in Leysin, but everything changed for our last two days there. It was hot (in the mid 70s and sunny).

We were in Italy the next week. The weather was hot, but not too hot, our one night in the Piedmont. From July 15 – 21 in Assisi, it was hot!! I think it was 100 degrees (around 40C). We spent every afternoon in the pool. Evenings were cooler and our apartment kept cool, so sleeping was fine.

When we got back to Switzerland, we had pretty good weather the next week, July 21 – 28 in Gstaad (3 nights) and Kandersteg (4 nights). Sunny and in the high 60s, maybe up into the 70s.

We spent the last week and half back in Gstaad (July 28 – Aug 8). The weather has been great. We had one day of rain the first week and the last two days have been raining, but other than that it has been sunny and in the high 60s, low 70s.

Weather in Switzerland – Geneva and Leysin (Vaud) – Details

Monday, June 25: Geneva was cool and wet. Light showers off and on for the two days we were there. We wore jeans (not our light summer pants), long sleeved shirts and our jackets.

Wednesday, June 27: The day we drove to Leysin, it rained most of the day but Leysin was above the clouds.

Thursday, June 28: Thursday was warm and sunny as we walked around town to see what was there. Friday was the same. We wore light hiking pants and short sleeves.

Saturday, June 30: Saturday was hot and sunny – the day of our downhill climb. Light pants, could have been in shorts, short sleeves.

Sunday, July 1: Sunday started out sunny and hot, clouded over and rained in the afternoon and through the evening. Monday it rained. Huge black clouds were floating over Lake Geneva and we went from drizzle to sunshine to pouring rain. Back to jeans, long sleeves and jackets. Also used our umbrellas during a downpour in Villars.

Tuesday, July 3: Bright and sunny first thing, but rain and clouds by 10:30am. The weather forcast shows rain and cold (50s and low 60s) for the rest of this week, changing by the weekend. Next week looks sunny and hot (70s).

Wednesday, July 4: Rain off and on all day, cold. Went for a hike and work raincoats, polartec sweaters. Almost needed our gloves.

Thursday, July 5: Rain off and on all day. Sun came out late afternoon. Now it looks like we get a good weekend, but then back to rain and cold (50s and 60s)!! Current weather forcast has it turning sunny and warm the day we leave (Saturday July 14). Oh well ….

Switzerland Weather Resources International – Leysin, Vaud – 15 day forcast – Leysin, Vaud – 7 day forcast

Meteo Leysin – Local website with daily photographs and commentary

Bernese Webcam – Bernese is the top of the “telecabine” ride from Leysin

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