Walking to Minch

Minchinhampton, Cotswolds

The weather has been wonderful for over a week. There was a bit of rain last night, but before that our last rain was a week ago Monday in London. I don’t even bother bringing my rain jacket on hikes. But this changes tomorrow and I am ready for some rain. I am reading a great book: Sebastian Faulks “Engleby” (2007). I am knitting mittens – trying the knitting them flat pattern vs. knitting in … Continue reading Walking to Minch

A Spring Day in Winter

View on hike from Nympsfield to Uley Bury

Since Tuesday, our sunny day in London, the weather has been very good. Today it was like spring! If the weather was not as good, I would be getting more Cotswolder pages written, more posts to this blog, more photos uploaded. Instead we are having lazy mornings, then lovely afternoon hikes. Today everyone was out enjoying the countryside. We drove to Nympsfield, just a few miles away, and did a three hour hike through woods, … Continue reading A Spring Day in Winter

The Spooks Tour of London

River Thames and Houses of Parliament

We have been in our Nailsworth holiday cottage for three weeks. Another week and we are at the halfway point. This week we went into London, the big smoke, for an overnight trip. A vacation within a vacation, or, another way to look at it, paying for three beds but sleeping in one (our home in Santa Fe, our vacation rental in the Cotswolds, the hotel in London). 🙂 On Monday morning we took the … Continue reading The Spooks Tour of London

Some Days of Sun

January 24, the sun makes it to our hillside

Today was sunny. And today, at noon, the sun was on our cottage for about 30 minutes. The days are getting longer too. When we arrived at the beginning of January, it was pitch black by 5pm. Now we get an extra 30 minutes of daytime. The holiday cottage that we are in is on the outskirts of Nailsworth. The small town of Nailsworth is in a river valley, with the “downtown” area in the … Continue reading Some Days of Sun

A Few Days of Rain

Rainy Day

On Friday there was heavy rain and wind. We stayed in most of the day, just dashing out for a few minutes to pickup a few things at the shops in Nailsworth. Jonathan (SlowTravel moderator) and his wife Philippa came for dinner Friday night. You don’t expect to have dinner guests when you are traveling, so this was even more fun than usual. The cottage has a good oven and the locally grown vegetables that … Continue reading A Few Days of Rain

Flooding in the Cotswolds (again!)

We had a trip to the Cotswolds booked for last July/August, but we had to cancel a few days before because of the flooding. They had a wetter than usual summer and then had a very heavy rainfall on Friday July 20 which caused severe flooding in Tewkesbury, Gloucester and riverside places in the Cotswolds. The water purification plant in Gloucester was flooded and much of Gloucestershire was without water for two to three weeks. … Continue reading Flooding in the Cotswolds (again!)

Snow in the Cotswolds!

Pauline on Minchinhampton Commons

On Friday we did the one hour drive to Oxford to take the train into London for a SlowTrav GTG. We could have taken the train from Stroud, just ten minutes away, but we wanted to try Oxford because there are more trains and from the website it looked like we could take express trains back even during rush hour. (I will write more about trains later – the system of prices is vastly confusing.) … Continue reading Snow in the Cotswolds!

Rent the cottage that Jane Austen stayed in

On January 1 a new three part adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” by Andrew Davies started on BBC (part two on Sunday January 6, part three on Sunday January 13). We arrived the day after episode one was broadcast, but caught it at the hotel because their TV system has an “On Demand” type feature where you can watch recently broadcast programs. (Big thanks to Clive who picked us up at the airport … Continue reading Rent the cottage that Jane Austen stayed in

No more chickens in cages!

In the news today – battery farming of chickens to end in the UK in four years (by 2012). This means no more chickens in cages! They will still use the crowded barn system, which is not as good as free range where the chickens get to go outside and have more room, but it is better than stacks of cages full of chickens (battery farming). From the BBC news: Currently 63% of UK egg … Continue reading No more chickens in cages!

The Circus looks different in winter

The Circus in Bath

The Circus is a circle of Georgian row houses built in the 1700s when the upper section of Bath was built for people coming for the season to “take the waters” (go to the Pump Room daily to drink the healing waters from the natural hot springs). The Circus was designed and built by John Wood the Elder and finished by his son, John Wood the Younger in 1767. Jane Austen lived a block away … Continue reading The Circus looks different in winter