Mad Men Season 2 starts tonight!

AMC has started season 2 of Mad Men, a great TV series about life in New York City in the 1960s. Back when men were men, and women made the coffee. And everyone smoked! On a recent BBC radio show that we were listening to on a Podcast they were talking about all the great TV from the US lately. I always love TV in England, but dismiss the US shows. But they have a … Continue reading Mad Men Season 2 starts tonight!

Now they are getting rid of in-flight magazines

Emirates to do away with paper to cut weight,, July 20, 2008. They will save over 4 pounds (2 kilograms) per seat (2,000 pounds per plane) by getting rid of the in-flight magazines. 4 pounds of in-flight magazines per seat – those are heavy magazines! I guess it makes sense to get rid of some of the extras to make the flight lighter, but I think we are getting close to the border of … Continue reading Now they are getting rid of in-flight magazines

I live on the Circus in Bath!

The Circus, Bath

“I live on the Circus in Bath.” That statement is false, but it could be true for a week, because I found four vacation rentals on the Circus in Bath. Or I could live on the Royal Crescent, where there is a hotel and four vacation rentals. I will show you my Bath vacation rentals “finds” later in this post, but first a bit about Bath. Bath has been a popular destination for thousands of years. … Continue reading I live on the Circus in Bath!

Are You Twittering?

Twitter – it’s the latest social networking thing! (Okay, it was the latest thing last year, but I just found out about it.) Twitter is a new type of social networking site based on micro-blogging. Sign up, set up your profile, find your “friends”, and do short 140 character maximum posts. It is strangely captivating. Twitter was founded by Evan Williams who created Blogger (now owned by Google) and Biz Stone (also worked on Blogger … Continue reading Are You Twittering?

IDP (International Driving Permit) NOT Needed to Drive in Great Britain


The International Driving Permit (IDP) is a translation of your driving license and is needed, with your valid driving license, when driving in some European countries. This is a hotly debated issue on travel message boards because it is not always clear whether or not one is needed. By Italian law, you need an IDP (and your valid driving license) as a foreigner driving in Italy. You do NOT need an IDP for driving in … Continue reading IDP (International Driving Permit) NOT Needed to Drive in Great Britain

Make Your Own (European Style) Bread

No-Knead Bread

Post updated January 2013. I have been making this bread for years and love the recipe. One of the things that I love in France, Germany and Switzerland is the bread! A basket of perfect croissants in the morning at a cafe in France, a bakery with at least ten types of fresh baked bread in Germany, the wonderful whole wheat breads served for breakfast in a tea room in Switzerland. We have great quality … Continue reading Make Your Own (European Style) Bread

Where the hell is Matt?

I love the “travel dancing” videos by Matt Harding. The first one came out in 2004 and word of it instantly spread through the travel communities. I watched it over and over. He expresses perfectly the joy of travel, the joy of life. Since that first video he has done two more. The most recent video, “Dancing”, is almost at 5 million views today on YouTube. It will probably hit 5 millions views soon because … Continue reading Where the hell is Matt?

Take a Wellness Vacation in the Cotswolds

Hold off on that booking at Canyon Ranch in Tucson! You can create your own wellness week and see the Cotswolds in England at the same time. In the last few years, Steve and I have enjoyed our “wellness” vacations in England. We center our trips around walking. We are not great athletes, but like to spend our days leisurely walking through the countryside, getting good, gentle exercise and breathing clean, fresh air. We take … Continue reading Take a Wellness Vacation in the Cotswolds