Profile – Italy Perfect

This month we profile Italy Perfect, a US-based agency run by sisters Lisa and Pat Byrne. Lisa and Pat have a close connection to Italy, having lived there as children, and traveling there regularly now. Most of their rentals are in the famous art cities of Italy – Rome, Florence and Venice – and they offer some countryside rentals as well. Read all the details in our profile. Slow Europe Article –¬†Profile of Italy Perfect

Cafes are Closing in France!


Say it isn’t so! The thing I love most about France are the cafes. Sitting at a table outside a cafe having my morning coffee and croissant, enjoying the sun and people watching, is one of my favorite France activities and one I was planning on indulging in a lot on our next trip. But today’s New York Times says that cafes are not so busy and many are closing. There are many reasons for … Continue reading Cafes are Closing in France!

Finding Great Bread in England

Hobbs Bakery and Cafe

Finding good quality, organic, whole wheat bread is not always easy when you are traveling. In England you will find organic bread at Waitrose (a high-end supermarket). They sell the Duchy Organics breads and some organic loaves that they make (but they are not whole wheat). We spent two months in Nailsworth (south of Stroud) earlier this year and bought bread from Hobbs House Bakery (shown in photo), who produce a variety of breads, many … Continue reading Finding Great Bread in England

Comments, Avatars, Subscribe to Blog

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Several people posted comments over the last few days that did not get “approved” by me until today. Sorry! I was fiddling with my settings and set the comments email notification off, when I thought it was on. I love getting comments, but don’t get that many – so was happy to see a backlog of comments from the last week. I read a lot of blogs – mostly from my SlowTrav friends – and … Continue reading Comments, Avatars, Subscribe to Blog

EU Restrictions on Shapes of Fruits and Vegetables


An amazing article on the BBC website today: Will we eat wonky fruit and veg? Starting in July, the European Union (EU) is lifting regulations that stop vendors from selling oddly-shaped fruits and vegetables. These regulations have been in place for 20 years. For example, it is against the law to sell a carrot with two “legs”. In the interests of avoiding waste, these regulations are being lifted for 26 fruits and vegetables (but remain … Continue reading EU Restrictions on Shapes of Fruits and Vegetables

England is Even More Affordable Today

Today the pound is at $1.50 USD. And British Airways has a 3 day sale (ends tomorrow) with prices as low as $648 Dallas to London (return) for travel until March 22 (many other European destinations are included in the sale). Remember when looking at BA sale prices, they usually list one way prices based on a return purchase. The only sales on Business Class are for flights originating in London – none for US … Continue reading England is Even More Affordable Today

Planning a Trip to Southern France

I woke up this morning to a few inches of snow – the first snow of the year in Santa Fe – and realized that we need to start planning our next trip to Europe. We have been talking about spending two months in France in the winter like we did last year in the Cotswolds. This time we will go a bit later, maybe March and April. This keeps us in Santa Fe for … Continue reading Planning a Trip to Southern France

Matt Harding Video on the Daily Show

I like the “Where the Hell is Matt” videos and wrote about them earlier this year. I also like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (on Comedy Central). The Thursday night The Daily Show featured a segment called “International Male” showing the reactions around the world for the Obama win and using parts of Matt Harding’s original video (starts at 2:30 minutes into the segment)! Where the Hell is Matt¬†(website and videos) The Daily Show … Continue reading Matt Harding Video on the Daily Show

Make Your Own Bread – Updated

No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread

Last spring I started making bread twice a week using the No-Knead Bread recipe. I was so thrilled with this recipe that I posted it on this blog in July. Since then I have continued making the bread and have refined my technique. Now I use a willow proofing basket and the La Clouche clay baker. I no longer use the 4 cup whole wheat recipe, but have changed it to a 3 cup recipe. … Continue reading Make Your Own Bread – Updated