Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Cat


Three years ago today, our cat Buddy arrived at our house. Friends of our brought him in a carrier tied with a lot of rope. They opened up the carrier and he jumped out all golden and furry. My first thought was “He is a long hair – I don’t want a long hair” and then I realized that was almost a racist thought and this was the cat we were given, so what if … Continue reading Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Cat

New Mystery by P.D. James – The Private Patient

Fish and Chip Van

I love mysteries in the English Detective genre – can’t get enough of them. The best ones are written by P.D. James (Adam Dalgliesh mysteries). I read my first one 25 years ago (The Black Tower), then read the four earlier ones and then each new one as it was published. In 2000 P.D. James turned 80 and published her autobiography “Time to be in Earnest”. Since then she has published three more books and now this most … Continue reading New Mystery by P.D. James – The Private Patient

Santa Fe in December

Santa Fe in December

The view from my office window on a cold almost-winter day in Santa Fe. We have the world’s smallest office (two of us in our second bedroom) and one small window that neither of us looks at from our desk, but when we looked out tonight, this is what we saw. The setting sun glowing on the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountains and the remaining snow in the yard.

Can’t Get Enough of Peter Robinson

Patrick’s latest post on Autolycus – Dank and Dreary – talks about the dark days in November in England and “drawing the curtains to cocoon with something toasted and a detective story” which reminded me that I have three more Peter Robinson detective novels on my Kindle waiting for some lazy winter afternoons. The author Peter Robinson is originally from Yorkshire in northern England and moved to Canada after graduating from University of Leeds. He … Continue reading Can’t Get Enough of Peter Robinson

The Water is Rising in Venice

Acqua Alta (high water) frequently comes to Venice in November and December, but right now they are having higher water than usual. The floods seem to come in quickly and leave quickly and Venetians have been dealing with this for centuries, so are prepared. Barriers are placed against doorways to stop the water coming in. Wooden walkways are put up so that people can still get around the city, above the water. Parts of Venice … Continue reading The Water is Rising in Venice