The Cotswolds in Travel + Leisure

The September issue of Travel + Leisure has an article about the Cotswolds: Discovering England’s Cotswolds, by Alexandra Marshall. A photo from Winchcombe is on the front page of the magazine.

“With its bucolic setting, stylish manor houses, and the influx of a new generation of Londoners (rocker turned cheesemaker?), the Cotswolds, one of England’s loveliest areas, is now also one of its most glamorous.”

The article makes the Cotswolds seem like a luxury destination, which it can be, but did not talk enough about the charming, down-to-earth qualities of this area. Still, it is great to see the Cotswolds in a major American travel magazine!

Walking near the River Windrush, Burford
Walking near the River Windrush, Burford

For a contrast, read our article: Create Your Wellness Vacation in the Cotswolds. We outline a spa vacation without the spa – staying in a cottage and having a healthy countryside retreat.

When I started writing the content for Cotswolder, back in the spring, I thought I would be finished by June. Then July. Then August. So, here we are in September.

Over the last few months I have been adding new pages, but my main section – Towns and Villages of the Cotswolds – is not finished yet. It is amazing how much there is to say about an area of countryside that you can drive across in an hour (and up and down in an hour and a half). I have been working on it, going through piles of resource books, my trip notes and maps. I am now predicting it will be done by the end of September.

I have also been working on Slow Europe, my site about finding vacation rentals in Europe. Several of us are working on it and I hope to launch it in October. We are putting together our lists of favorite agencies and resouces for vacation rentals by country and region.

But tomorrow we pack up the car and drive up into Colorado for a week – vacation time! We had a hot summer in Santa Fe with most days in the last two months having mid-day temps in the low 90s. Last weekend it turned cold and wet for a few days, then our fall weather started. Mid-day temps in the low 80s, sunny and cold at night (down into the 40s!!).

This year has gone by very fast for me. At one point, probably on a very hot day, summer seemed to be lasting forever, but now it feels like it went by in a flash. September already!

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