More About the Weather in England This Summer

Our news has been concentrating on our own weather and financial disasters. Meanwhile, it was the wettest and least sunny summer on record and in the first part of September there was flooding in North-East England. Some articles in the UK press about the weather this summer.

The Observer, It’s official: the summer was a total washout, Caroline Davies, Sunday September 21, 2008
“Summer officially ends today, with the Met Office confirming it as one of the wettest and least sunny of any on record.”

The Guardian, Sodden farmers struggling with a changing climate, John Vidal, Friday September 12, 2008
“A terribly wet summer in the UK has left farmers facing the worst harvest in 40 years and the task of adapting to new conditions.”

The Guardian, Flood damage to cost ‘tens of millions’, Monday September 08, 2008
“Insurance companies warn of huge repair bills after several regions devastated by weekend downpours”

The Guardian, Downpours force people to flee homes, with warning of more heavy rain to come, Martin Wainwright, Monday September 08, 2008
“Lifeboat crews were sent 35 miles inland from the North Sea coast to help with hundreds of evacuations at Morpeth, Northumberland, while volunteers built sandbag walls round town centres in North Yorkshire as flash floods poured down from the North York Moors.”

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