Finding Your Perfect Vacation Rental

I wrote my second blog article for the Tuscany Villas website. Read the article here: Finding Your Perfect Vacation Rental. This is the second in a four part series about vacation rentals in Tuscany. Next week is what to expect in Italian vacation rentals.

It is interesting writing about Tuscany again. It brings back memories of our wonderful vacations there. I remember the first time I saw the main piazza of Siena – Il Campo – and how I cried because it was so beautiful. Other memories: walking around Siena in the moonlight; sitting outside on the terrace of Osteria alla Piazza in the countryside near Panzano for a Sunday lunch; seeing the Sodoma frescoes at Monte Oliveto Maggiore for the first time (and the second, and the third); seeing the mountains above Carrara from the A12 and thinking it was snow, but realizing it was marble; jumping into the very cold and very salty water off the southern Tuscany coast on Monte Argentario.

These days I am writing about the Cotswolds in England for Cotswolder (soon to be launched) and about Tuscany for Tuscany Villas. Plus working on a friend’s site with her paintings of Italy. And getting the house ready for summer (it was 75 in Santa Fe today!).

The conclusions to my article is that there is no perfect vacation rental. They all have their pros and cons as does any place that you live. But we are not striving for perfect, are we? Just for a wonderful travel experience and that is what you get in vacation rentals.

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  1. I remember crying also the first time I saw the Piazza del Campo in Siena. I have not been back to Tuscany for a while now but still have wonderful memories, especially all my “firsts”.

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