If Obama wins, will Europeans like us again?

We are always treated well by Europeans when we travel in Europe. Most people realize that the US is a divided country and about half of Americans did not support Bush. But a majority of Europeans do not favor our current president and his policies, and sometimes that feeling makes its way to us tourists.

If Obama wins, will Europeans think differently about the US? I think they will.

I am very tense waiting for Tuesday, but realize that many of us are. Here is a great article about Democrats waiting for Tuesday – New York Times, Obama is Up, and Fans Fear That Jinxes It, Michael Powell, Saturday, November 1 2008.

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Pauline Kenny

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3 thoughts on “If Obama wins, will Europeans like us again?”

  1. Pauline,
    It’s not my experience that they dislike ‘us’/me/whomever. But it is that most Italians I meet like Obama an awful lot. What worries me, though, is they think there will be dramatic changes immediatley. We know that is not possible.
    Mannn, me too, I am tense…

  2. We have traveled extensively in Europe and have gotten to know quite a few Europeans. We were living in the south of France at the time of the 2004 election. I have always been impressed that Europeans (even those who are not especially educated) have a much broader view of the world. This past summer I spent a month in Aix-en-Provence studying French and living with a French family. The students at my school were from all over the world and were very up to date on what was happening in the American presidential campaign.

    Most of the French have been very negative about George Bush for a long time. (It has taken a while for most of us in American to reach this same conclusion.) But we always found that they were able to separate any feelings about the American government and the American president from how they interacted with us. We have found the French to still be very friendly and welcoming to Americans, especially those who respect their culture and make an effort to speak at least a few words of French. This is unlike the reaction in America– when the French did not support the war– where some people “boycotted” anything French and even tried to change the name of “french fries” to “freedom fries.”

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