Italian Vacation Rentals

I wrote my third blog article for the Tuscany Villas website. Read the article here: Everything you need to know about Italian vacation rentals. This is the third in a four part series about vacation rentals in Tuscany. Next week is recommended day trips in the Montepulciano area.

Ann Reavis from TuscanTraveler will give recommended day trips in Chianti, an area she knows well because she lives in Florence.

The blog articles lists some of the differences between houses in Italy and what we are used to in the US. Jim from Tuscany Villas said that one thing many Americans forget is that the food shops will be closed on Sunday, so when you arrive at your rental on Saturday afternoon, you need to head out to the shops. Luckily the shops are open late because of the long afternoon closing, so you can get groceries between 5pm and 7:30pm. Some larger supermarkets are open on Sunday, but there are only a few of them in Tuscany.

As the article points out there are differences, but that is what makes travel so interesting! It is wonderful to stay in these beautiful Italian vacation rentals.

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