How much does it really rain in England?

We are still thinking about moving to England for a year. Every single person that I mention this to, even my friends in Vancouver, say “how will you stand the weather?”. I figure for one year, who cares? But, each time we go to England and say to ourselves this is the trip where we will look at houses for rent and pick one, we don’t.

We were there in May 2006, the wettest May in 20 years. We booked a trip for August 2007, but had to cancel (and stay longer in Switzerland) because many rivers in the Cotswolds flooded and it was somewhat of a disaster when the water treatment plant flooded (the water to the cottage we had booked was shut off for two weeks). We went back in January and February this year, but got a horrendous flu or something our last two weeks there.

Mud on the footpaths
Mud on the footpaths

But here I am at the start of a hot Santa Fe summer – temps up to 90 already – where we can only go walking before 11am or after 5pm and I think, if we were in England we could do an afternoon walk. I looked up weather for five places: Santa Fe (where I live), Vancouver (where I lived 20 years ago), Seattle (where I lived 15 years ago), Rome (where I have never lived) and Stroud in the Cotswolds. I put the charts on the main site.

Weather Comparisons – originally I had the chart in the blog, but I needed more space, so made a page on the website. Here is a summary of the results (average annual rain in inches, average monthy temps in farenheit).

  • Stroud: annual rain 25.90″, high temps from 43 – 69
  • Vancouver: annual rain 45.90″, high temps from 42 – 71
  • Seattle: annual rain 38.25″, high temps from 47 – 75
  • Rome: annual rain 33.00″, high temps from 53 – 88
  • Santa Fe: annual rain 14.22″, high temps from 43 – 86

Comparing Stroud in the Cotswolds to Vancouver Canada, Vancouver gets almost twice as much rain and the temperatures are similar. I compare it to Vancouver because we lived for years in Vancouver. We were happy to move away to a sunnier place, but we survived the rain in Vancouver, so I figured we could survive it in England.

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