Tuscan Traveler – New Blog about Italy!

My good friend Ann Reavis has started a blog about Italy: Tuscan Traveler – Burnt to a Crisp Under the Tuscan Sun.

Ann has been back and forth between the US and Florence for the last decade, so has a lot of great information about Florence, Tuscany and the rest of Italy. She has several interesting articles posted on the blog now.

I helped her set up her blog (which is why it looks a lot like mine except for different colors šŸ™‚ ). I met Ann through Slow Travel but she is originally from the Santa Fe area! Ann wrote several great articles about Florence and Tuscany for Slow Travel – Tuscan Traveler’s Tales.

Another great Italy blog to follow! You can sign up for a Feedburner email notification on her blog (see the subscribe box in the blog’s sidebar). This is a great way to be informed about new posts on your favorite blogs. (I have one too.)

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