The Water is Rising in Venice

Acqua Alta (high water) frequently comes to Venice in November and December, but right now they are having higher water than usual. The floods seem to come in quickly and leave quickly and Venetians have been dealing with this for centuries, so are prepared. Barriers are placed against doorways to stop the water coming in. Wooden walkways are put up so that people can still get around the city, above the water.

Parts of Venice Neck Deep in Flood Water,, December 1, 2008
“Venice has suffered its worst flooding in 22 years, leaving some parts of the historic Italian city neck-deep in water, reports said Monday.”

Read more on Nan’s blog Living Venice. Nan is an American expat who has been living in Venice for a few years. She wrote the book Italy, Instructions for Use – everything you need to know for traveling in Italy.

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  1. Definitely ! When Aqua Alta happens and you are around, it is very interesting if equiped with the right boots.

    San Marco square and around are actually on the same level and sometimes above the sea.

    Also some very nice photographic opportunities.

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