England is Even More Affordable Today

Today the pound is at $1.50 USD.

And British Airways has a 3 day sale (ends tomorrow) with prices as low as $648 Dallas to London (return) for travel until March 22 (many other European destinations are included in the sale). Remember when looking at BA sale prices, they usually list one way prices based on a return purchase. The only sales on Business Class are for flights originating in London – none for US originating flights.

I am waiting for a BA sale on Business Class so that we can use miles to upgrade to First. When we flew on January 1, we were offered the chance to purchase an upgrade to First for $400 each. Expensive but we took it – probably the only time we will ever be seated in that First cabin. It was well worth the money – it was like flying in your living room.

Here is a video I made on that flight. When I made the video I thought BA was remodeling all its Club World and First cabins, but I was wrong. A BA crew member posted a comment today saying it was only Club World that is being upgraded (really, First was incredible – how could it be better?). The website says that all 747 aircraft have been remodelled in Club World, but the 777 aircraft remodels will not be completed until October 2009. Boeing 777 aircraft are used from both Denver and Dallas (the hubs we fly from).

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4 thoughts on “England is Even More Affordable Today”

  1. Hi Pauline,
    Yes, this looks like a great way to fly.
    I’ve flown with BA on my last two trips to Europe in World Traveler Plus seats.
    Last year I had better luck with the online seat selection 24 hours prior to the flights, but this year the seats were almost all taken when I went to check in.
    The people in front of us (both ways) reclined their seats fully for the whole trip (even when they were not sitting in them).
    I’d say the WT+ seats are what you’d expect an economy seat to be. Not worth the trouble.
    Your First Class seats in the video should make anybody happy.

  2. Pauline,

    We flew Club World back to the US (London/Dulles) in August and it was great, I have never slept so well on a flight before.

    I have an acquaintance who flies 747’s for BA and he said the Club World has been upgraded on the 747 fleet and they will now be upgrading the First Class cabins over the next 18 months.

  3. Hi Chiaro! My main complaint with BA is that you cannot select seats when you book (like you could before). I find that when I login 24 hrs ahead all the seats have been assigned. If the flight is full, you can change your seats. I think they assign two people traveling together first to those 2 seats in the middle of the center 4 – because they face the same way. But these are horrible seats. I like the 2 facing each other on each window side.

    We always worry about being near someone wearing heavy fragrance so it is best if we get the row of 2 seats with no one close to us. Last time we were beside a woman drenched in perfume and half way thru the flight she drenched herself some more. Awful. I think that is the reason we did not go back to Europe this summer/fall. Every time I think of flying, I think of her.

    At least the WT+ seats are better than economy – a bit larger and a bit more room. We usually purchase WT+ then use miles to get into Club World. But no matter what you do, flying is not great (except when we were in First – but I think that was a once in a lifetime event for us).

  4. Hi Bryan, I usually don’t sleep on the Europe to US flight but I bet you were tired from all that last minute planning. It was great that you got a Club World seat.

    A BA crew member posted on my YouTube video an said that First was not being upgraded, only Club World. It is finished on the 747 fleet, but they are doing the 777 fleet this year. I have never been in an upgraded Club World – from the photos it looks much better, but they still do the seats in that 2 – 4 – 2 configuration with seats facing each other. Virgin and some other airlines have flat bed seats but have them all facing forward.

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