The Aspens are Gold in Santa Fe

Summer didn’t just end, it dropped off a cliff – or so it seems. Last week was perfect fall weather – temps in the low 70s, sunny days, the Aspens up in the mountains are gold. We had snow on the mountains the week before.

We drove up the Santa Fe Ski Hill on Thursday and took the chairlift up for the view. We have ridden dozens of chairlifts and gondolas in Switzerland, but had never ridden the one here. Well, it is lame. It took about 45 minutes because they stop it for each group getting on. We jerked our way up the hill. The views were nice, but are best on the way back down. At least it is an open chairlift and not a closed in gondola. We walked back down and made it back almost the same time as people who got on the chairlift to go back down. There was snow for the first few hundred feet.

We drove down to the Aspen Vista trail where it seemed like everyone from Santa Fe was walking to look at the Aspens. They were spectacular. Shimmering gold against a perfect blue Santa Fe sky.

The weather changed yesterday. Heavy rain last night and today an intense, but short, hail storm that left snow-like stuff on the ground.

Aspens above Santa Fe

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