Mad Men Season 2 starts tonight!

AMC has started season 2 of Mad Men, a great TV series about life in New York City in the 1960s. Back when men were men, and women made the coffee. And everyone smoked!

On a recent BBC radio show that we were listening to on a Podcast they were talking about all the great TV from the US lately. I always love TV in England, but dismiss the US shows. But they have a point – there has been some great TV in the US the last few years. HBO – The Wire, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Deadwood. Showtime – Californication, Dexter, Weeds, The Tudors. AMC – Mad Men.

And my personal favorite: SciFi Channel – Battlestar Galactica (not only because the planet they came from is my old university, Simon Fraser in Vancouver – but because it is just an incredible plot with great characters).

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  1. I actually saved this week’s Mad Men to watch again. I get so caught up in all the visual details that sometimes I forget to listen to what they’re saying!

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