Santa Fe in December

The view from my office window on a cold almost-winter day in Santa Fe. We have the world’s smallest office (two of us in our second bedroom) and one small window that neither of us looks at from our desk, but when we looked out tonight, this is what we saw. The setting sun glowing on the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountains and the remaining snow in the yard.

Santa Fe in December
Santa Fe in December

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4 thoughts on “Santa Fe in December”

  1. Gorgeous – nice clouds too. No real snow yet here in the Cotswolds. I’m keeping up with your blog a lot more easily now thanks to reading Marta’s and others’ comments a few weeks ago about Google Reader: I’ve finally signed up!

  2. Nice sunny snow sunset. Snow here also. Seattle is so funny when it snows. No one can deal with it. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to go out today. I’m chaining up and not taking any chances.

  3. Hi Jonathan! I signed up for Google Reader too. I was using email subscribe from FeedBlaster, but I found I was ignoring the email notifications of new posts. I like to spend an hour reading several blogs and Google Reader is perfect for that – I have about 30 blogs on it and can go thru all of them at once.

    I think about the Cotswolds often. We were talking to Sue about renting her house again, but her current tenants are staying longer.

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