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During the last few years of running the Slow Travel community I talked to many journalists and was mentioned in many magazines and newspapers. Pretty thrilling for someone whose name had never been in print until she was in her late 40s. If you look at my media scrapbook (no longer on the web), you see it all fades away last year, after Internet Brands took over the SlowTrav site. My 15 minutes were over. Oh well.

But wait, either a new 15 minutes, or a few leftover seconds from the last 15 minutes! Last week I was contacted by Sunset magazine to be interviewed about Slow Travel in Santa Fe and the Southwest. After years of talking about vacation rentals in Europe and travel in Europe, it was refreshing to talk about Santa Fe and the Southwest.

Jen Judge from Sunset magazine

It was a long interview about how to do Slow Travel in the southwest and some of our favorite places, plus some “insider’s” tips to Santa Fe, but it will all be edited down to a short article – with a photo! They sent out a local photographer – Jen Judge, a brilliant travel photographer. Back in 2003, when there was an article about Steve and I (and Slow Travel) in the Albuquerque Journal, they sent a photographer. He took a couple of snaps of us outside and a couple of me at my desk. That was it.

Jen Judge from Sunset magazine

When we were mentioned in the Time magazine article in fall 2006, they wanted to photograph someone on vacation and it did not matter where in the world. Our SlowTrav friends Wendy and Richard were on holiday in Wales, so they sent out a photographer from London. Wendy told me he spent hours photographing them – at the vacation rental, walking with their dog Ferdie along the coast. The result was several very good photos of Wendy and Richard (and Ferdie).

Jen Judge, a local freelance photographer, came over yesterday afternoon. They wanted a portrait of me, possibly with my cat Buddy. We tried getting Buddy in the photo, but he is the master of squirm and would not sit still. Instead he covered me with cat hair then ran off. Jen took tons of photos; we did “costume” changes and scene changes. Steve helped by making me laugh and holding the light reflectors. A lot of work, but it will be fun to have a photo in Sunset (which is a great magazine and I am thrilled to be in it).

Look for the article in the September issue of Sunset! I think they are going to mention both Slow Travel, my old site, and Slow Europe, my new site – so that is pretty exciting. Which reminds me, must get back to work on the Slow Europe site!! 🙂

Jen Judge from Sunset magazine

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6 thoughts on “Slow Europe in Sunset Magazine”

  1. Congratulations Paluine! You deserve far more than 15 minutes of fame! Once we’re back in the states we look forward to putting your tips for slow travel in the states to good use!

  2. This is very cool indeed, Pauline. I look forward to my September Sunset. I like knowing the back-story.

  3. Pauline, Steve, while you do the “slow Santa Fé” don’t forget to mention the opera house. We are fascinated by how great a programme they have and we have “almost” stolen its director to manage the new Toronto Opera. Almost.

    When a “slow Toronto”? The city is missing you.


  4. Yes, that is my “fake adobe” garage! I kept saying “that is a 100 year old adobe house behind you” but the light was not right. She took photos out in the garden also.
    Thanks for the congrats everyone! I am excited about this 🙂

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